Made a Mano®™  at the “Maison & Object”

Paris Nord Villepinte – HALL 7 – Stand F95 – A3 ( ICE – ITA Pavilion )

Made a Mano presents the new collections myTable Sensu and Maké at Maison & Objet 2017

Preview the new collection myTable Sensu together with MaKé modular surfaces.

Until September 12, 2017 the second of the two annual editions of Maison & Objet will be held in Paris. Even this year Made a Mano will also be present at NOW! DESIGN À VIVRE to present the new collection myTable Sensu designed by architects Luca Martorano and Mattia Albicini in collaboration with the CEO and Art Director of the brand, Rosario Parrinello, and to re-present the collection of modular surfaces Maké.

My Table: Geometric lines and plain shapes for a table made of steel or treated iron enriched by surfaces made of lava stone slabs customizable with almost all colors and patterns of the various collections. Modular in different sizes and finishes utterly customizable. A result of a modern design and squared profile, suitable for contemporary and minimalist contexts, but also for more classic and traditional environments.

Sensu: collecting and interpreting both Eastern and Western influences, it revives the signs of the past and present. The folding fan (in Japanese “Sensu”) is the object which better represents this story. For centuries it has fascinated all cultures in the world, becoming a symbol of elegance, lightness and sensuality. In this collection, its essence and clean lines are interpreted through a few manual strokes. The force of the sign and the deep bond with the history resurface through bold colors and materials intimately bond to the land of Sicily, such as painted glaze, the molten bronze, manual cotto or lava stone.

MaKe`: Synonym of “MaKedonia”, is inspired by the shapes and surfaces of the Macedonian shield of Alexander the Great. It is a round lava stone plan, hollowed out in one side and therefore modular and sectional. Made in majolica lava stone with antique finishes and enriched by many patterns of the collection madeamano©, it can be used as a table top or as an insert for floors and facades.

You can also customize the surface with bespoke decorations or textures offered by makeamano © for collections NOVECENTO or KOMON TATTO.