Made a Mano in Downtown Design 2018, Dubai


We are pleased to thank you for visiting us for the presentation of new SERIE DESIGN “TRI” realized in glazed ETNA LAVA STONE at ITA/ICE Italian Pavilion

Name of Serie: TRI
TRI in Sicilian defined many words, from the TRI column which Sicily have underwater to sustain the island, TRI is the number for the definition of Family, TRI is the sons of Rosario Parrinello which working in the Gruppo Parrinello and TRI is the angle of a triangle.

Stone materials: Etna Lava Stone
Etna the volcano, the sole and bigger in the European soil, fully active. We prefer to select the material with the little hole and work on a rough surface with different finishing.

Shape and Sizes: TRI-Angle
The selected lava stone, the block has been selected in the Etna quarry, from the medium deep block (little gas hole) processed and cut with the last cutting technology and slab receive a second quality control for “sound of stone” and uniformity of texture. Once all this stage are passed the slab goes to the hammering tools to give a rough surface and finally, to the cutting machine which will give the final shape of TRI-Angle.

Finishing and Glazing: Ossido
Working on the rough surface with Ossido Glazing is similar to have a Bull Ride, you know is a bull, but never you know where is going. Ossido Glaze, when applied on the surface, is a uniform dust, from mineral origin but when goes to the kiln at 1.000° (cent deg) we know the color we put but newer you know which it will be the “expansion” effect.