Yellow lava stone tiles – 10×10 OSS/59 – Ossido Collection


A setting for living of dry masonry walls and pure volumes in a citrus grove, in dialogue with the Mediterranean brush, the horizon open to the sea, the lights and shadows of Vendicari

An open, luminous, organized vacation home, made with simple architectural features deployed in a complex manner, drawing maximum benefit from the parts woven horizontally and vertically, inside and outside, between light and shadow, rugged and smooth. A house conceived in terms of contrasts, an alternation of openings, glimpses and views towards the landscape of Vendicari, enclosed by massive stone walls like a bastion of a fortified citadel: the white, precise construction of the villa.

From a setting dominated by the ochre tones of the arid soil and the dark green of the brush, one passes in a ritual atmosphere underlined by the narrowness of the opening to a place of white light, of polished concrete floors, where the full-height openings frame images of the ‘courtyard’ garden border by the local stone walls: the brilliant green of the orange grove, the vibrant shadow cast on the lawn by the brise-soleil awning, the reflexes of light from the infinity pool and – in the background – the full, spreading luminosity of the nature reserve and sea of Vendicari. “The project stems from my family’s passion for Sicily and Vendicari,” says the architect Marco Merendi: “the light, the aromas, the view of the sea are the elements that made us fall in love with this place and convinced us to build this house here for ourselves, to enjoy the Sicily we love.”

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‘Dolcevita’ siciliana