Rosario Parrinello
CEO and Made a Mano AD, leading his family business for more than 40 years, always offering new proposals and solutions which are reflected in new techniques and collections below…

A new Mediterraneo to be re-discovered, the Made a Mano’s.

Blue, white, black, contrasting colors like the land where our millenary tradition of ceramic of Caltagirone comes from.
The natural or ceramic stone is the lava stone of our Volcano ETNA, the decorations are free handmade, the colors applied by brush are made by old techniques, each tile or product coming from Made a Mano laboratories is a concentration of research and emotions.
Made a Mano is the result of a Sicilian-afro-northern-asian cultural mix, which is reflected in the oldest matter…





Creative direction by Laura Pozzi

Laura Pozzi is a stylist, executive producer and creative director.
She lives and works in Milan and Follina, Treviso, specializing in visual communication. She has been working since 1998 in different forms of media, getting her passion for design and her 18-years-working experience in every project. Though she does not currently work for interior and lifestyle magazines, Laura has always had an editorial approach to work. Honored and proud of contributing, and having contributed, in the development of important projects for some well-known worldwide brands, she is author of two finnish decoration books, both in fourth edition.
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Photos by: Aldo Gattuso