made a mano®, WE ARE YOU, an unusual way to tell you that you are part of the company, this applies to our architects and to our customers. We want to present you our new projects at the "Milan design week” from the 12th to the 17th of April. From the Salone del mobile to the Fuori Salone, there will be a variety of interesting events that will be held in the design district and in fabulous locations.
Rosario Parrinello: Art Production Director of made a mano®, this year have decided to collaborate and to create a series of new projects with: LAGO Spa, Emmebi Home Italian Style, with vandersandestudio, Marco Merendi Architetto, Luca Martorano & Mattia Albicini, NCBARCHITETTURA.
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"LAGO NEVER STOP.©“ motto's of the year by LAGO Spa, will introduce the new 36e8 kitchen at the SALONE DEL MOBILE and in various events including CASA LAGO and FUORISALONE. The kitchen will be dressed with the new finish called MadeTerraneo produced with ceramic decorated from made a mano®, in custom colors and forms that express and enhance the products and collaborative synergy between two Italian companies.
Design: LAGO Spa
Company: LAGO Spa
Design patterns producer: Made a Mano Srl
Owner and Art Director of Pattern © copyright: Rosario Parrinello
All pattern are chosen from ©NOVECENTO Collection of made a mano®™©
Position: Salone del Mobile - HALL 16 - STAND B25 - C30
(MadeTerraneo dressed Made a Mano)
Timetable Salone del Mobile: 09:00> 18:00
Timetable CASA LAGO: 09:00> 20:00
Hashtag: #LAGONEVERSTOP | #LagoMadeamano
vandersandestudio chooses EmmeBi Mobili set and present made a mano® with new decorations for trays in lava stone Kaluri©. Under the guidance of Creative Director Alexandra Van der Sande, the studio that has a multidisciplinary approach, and chooses the made a mano® creations for styling the EmmeBi stand at Salone del Mobile 2016.
Design: vandersandestudio
Company: Made a Mano Srl Kaluri© for EmmeBI
Position: Salone del Mobile - EMMEBI - HALL 07 - STAND F21
Timetable Salone del Mobile : 09:00> 18:00
Hashtag: #madeamanoKaluri #madeamanoEmmebi #madeamanoVandersandeStudio
The "Made a Mano Luce" project was born from the sensitivity of the designer Marco Merendi Architetto, who managed to merge technology and craftsmanship . The creation of a new concept for lighting with refined emotions, where the light is covered with terracotta elements, hand forged and then also majolicated. Made a Mano in this new collaboration and in fact becomes a creator of individual works of art.
Design: Architect Marco Merendi.
Company: Made a Mano Srl - “Made a Mano Luce ©”
Position: Agape12, Via Statuto, 12, Milano (Brera Area)
Timetable: 10:00> 21:00
Hashtag: #madeamanoLuce, #madeamanoMarcoMerendi
SENSU, like opened fans that hover in the air. The reasons for this collection go to enrich the collections of made a mano©. The lines delineate areas rich with charm, history and scents of the Orient. Light creates amazing patterns and defined, elegant, charming traits with endless combinations.
Design: Luca Martorano & Mattia Albicini.
Company: Made a Mano Srl
Position: Agape12, Via Statuto, 12, Milano
Timetable: 10:00> 21:00
Hashtag: #madeamanoSensu
After years of research and laboratory tests, Rosario Parrinello has now perfected the Luminescent© collection, in full compliance with all environmental and technical rules. Unique in the world (as of today), Rosario Parrinello has managed to incorporate and merge on lava stone, a Luminescent material, KTL code (covered by trade secret). While keeping intact the decorations of various collections made a mano© using this technique it is possible to have a unique night light from the great feelings and to use it for various applications.
Design: Rosario Parrinello.
Company: Made a Mano Srl
Position: Agape12, Via Statuto, 12, Milan
Timetable: 10:00> 21:00
Hashtag: #madeamanoLuminescent
“Scene Mediterranee” is the project since four years connects NCBARCHITETTURA and Made a Mano Srl, in this search path, we are moving to reread and reacquire old cultural symbols. With the project ISOLE©, it rereads the table as a cultural and social symbol, like rediscovery of rituals and traditions associated with the decoration of Italian culture and beauty. "The lava stone is a material which encloses an old story, made of historical and geological time, through the ISOLE project is elevated to noble material, simple furnishing, but true protagonist of the Imbandigione, now officially worthy of sitting at the table ".
Company: Made a Mano Srl
Position: Lumera Area, Via Abbondio San Giorgio, 6, Milan
Timetable: 10:00> 21:00
Hashtag: #madeamanoIsole
Via Statuto, 12 - 20121 Milano.
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All product are strictly made in Sicily, by hand brush, using a traditional art craft of Caltagirone’s painters.
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