In recent months we have been very involved in trade shows, events and great works, and before leaving 2016 with traditional wishes for the end of the year, we are pleased to share this important event with customers and friends On the occasion of the forthcoming 45th anniversary of my activities birth, in order to name Made a Mano®, with its single site in Caltagirone, there will be an "upgrade” of the company logo, by the addition of the name of Rosario Parrinello in red . This desire is wished by the new generation of Parrinello that has grown next to my work, and keeps doing that, next to workers and especially working at the sawmill, decoration and ovens, which are indeed the operational arm made by hand. Virtually the father and arts teacher Rosario Parrinello, continues its activities with a prevalence of hand-made art director in devoting more and more time developing. The production is in fact now managed and carried out by the new first generation which I have the pleasure to introduce, for those unfamiliar with them, and in order of age: Nico, Fausto, Alexander, William and Henry. I take note of what they have decided, and I’ll present the new institutional look that until today is our one and only property with capital entirely Italian having no branches in the world and entirely running in Italy.

End of Year SiEVE's

Eataly Boston
Grandly Opens November 29, 2016
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The third laboratory had ceramics as theme, in particular tiles
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Designer: Luca Martorano – Mattia Albicini

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