ICFF Miami 2016 - Thanks
We are pleased to thank you for visiting us in
Miami, Florida - U.S.A.
for the presentation of
our made a mano®™ products at
Miami Convention Center, Both 818
from 5 to 6 October 2016
We are apologize for the inconvenience
we had few estimated visitors
but one is very important
Matthew the Hurricane
for Made a Mano ®™ Caltagirone - Italy

See the video made by "The Editor at Large" For more info and images, visit:

*If you want received all our catalogues,
you can use the above QR Code for the download
or write to info@madeamano.it
:: Official Warning ::

All made a mano®™ product are strictly Made in Sicily,
by hand brush, using a traditional art craft of Caltagirone’s ceramic painters.

No License of made a mano®™, have been released, to reproduce our product,
or our made a mano patterns© (copyright registered)
in any form or applied over others materials.

Therefore all production of made a mano®™
not Manufactured in Caltagirone (Sicily) have to be consider counterfeit.

For your enquire please refer every time ONLY to
Made a Mano S.r.l.
Via Modica Manfredi 4/c
95041 Caltagirone (Italy)
Ph: +39093358189 - Fax: +39093353482
Email: info@madeamano.it
Website: www.madeamano.it

©2016 made a mano Srl - Caltagirone - Italy