“Index Design Series"

Dubai 2017

Many Thanks

Thanks for visiting us at the Dubai INDEX Design Series
Where besides being Elite Sponsor,
we had the chance to let you see a small glimpse of our production.

Exposed for the occasion in the fabulous VIP LOUNGE of Harrods Interiors of London
So we thank Letitia Taylor, Lisa Holmqvist and Martino Nociforo for choosing the Serie
LUCE, BENCH and LUNA, integrated into the "Harrods Jungle concept".

There were several settings, which were exhibited at our booth, expressly wanted from the direction of INDEX Design Series and its management.

The series featured, LUNA, FUNGHETTI, and LUCE (design by Arch. Marco Merendi)
and the classic patchwork panel "La Magnifica Forma" in cardinal red.

All exhibited series and many other products are available,
in our Dubai showroom directed by Mrs. Ghada Kunash of "The Workshop".

More information are available on our Blog and website

Expecting to see you soon


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